The first national traditional process xiang embroidery is the development of the directory

      One of the excellent national traditional process in China, xiang embroidery is in changsha, hunan province as the center with a distinct characteristic of xiang chu culture of hunan embroidery products, is the industrious and intelligent people of hunan local labor in the long history of human civilization development, carefully creating a kind of folk art with the characteristic of xiang chu culture. Nearly half a century, archaeologists have discovered in hunan, hubei and other places a number of linen, silk, silk fabric, such as textiles, many of whom are embroidery. Group after group of buried underground in the area of hunan and old chu unearthed the brilliant ancient embroidery, for the further understanding of traditional weaving origin evolution and embroidery art, meaning is self-evident.
       Xiang embroidery and embroidery, shu embroidery, yue embroidery, embroidered for China's four big name one. Xiang embroidery is traditionally have 72 kinds of stitch. Points, flat embroidery, silk embroideries, mesh embroidery, new embroidery, embroidered five categories and later developing perfect Peng hair pins and disorderly needle embroider stitch. Xiang embroidery is good at with velvet thread embroidery, embroidery pattern realistic suede, had "embroidery can bear, embroidered bird can listen to sound, embroidered tiger can run, embroidered one can vividly" of reputation. [1]

       In 2006, xiang embroidery was selected the first batch of state-level non-material cultural heritage list. [2] 

       in 1995, changsha shaping town by the state council awarded the title of "Chinese township of the xiang embroidery". In 2006, was awarded the weaving shaping national non-material cultural heritage protection and inheritance. [3] 

       in 2010, xiang embroidery by general administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine identified as geographical indications protection products, and develop the quality and technical requirements. [4] "flat xiang" and "national geographical indication" trademark registration. [5]

       in 2014, hunan embroidery research institute by the ministry of culture of hunan province on the second batch of national intangible cultural heritage of productive protection demonstration base